Apocalypto (2006), Mel Gibson

A morality play disguised as an action movie, Mel Gibson’s 2006 Apocalypto, which courts controversy by raising issues on race, religion and politics, is mesmerizing as a visual spectacle and deeply satisfying in its depiction of familial love and sociopolitical opportunism.

apocalypto-2The Spanish Conquistadors have anchored their ships and are now approaching the beach, bringing with them the greatest gift God has given to mankind: Christ on the cross. Jaguar Paw and his pursuers stop on their feet, exhausted, and, mystified, stare at the horizon, unable to comprehend what those men and their floating vessels mean. These bloodthirsty savages, with their horrific sacrifices, have plenty to learn from Christian piety and the idea of original sin – a superior civilization is ready to enlighten them. Is it really?! What an utter nonsense! Continue reading