TOWARDS A GREATER CANON : The 2nd Anniversary

the-godfather-2  the-magnificent-ambersons-2  the-decline-of-the-american-empire-2

What’s the motivation behind any writer? Why does he insist in communicating with a blank screen? I’ve always seen two paradoxical forces. On the one hand, the writer only produces text because of an urge to talk to others – there’s this essential need to test some truth against the outside world. His sole intention behind expressing feelings or passing on some truism is to receive feedback for such ideas. Unsure if anyone else agrees with him, the writer basically tries to validate what he perceives as the accurate description of the world. Continue reading

Roman Holiday?! More Like a Tour de Force…

TOWARDS A GREATER CANON is coming back at the beginning of September 2016, when my family and I are once again on British soil. For this hot month of August we’ll be enduring a driving experience across few countries, from Germany to France, through Spain, and ending in Portugal. Hope you all have a great summer (or winter, depending where you are) and see you in a month’s time.